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Web analytics

February 28, 2019


Web analytics

Why do we believe in Web Analytics

Web Analytics is the one and only way to maximise your online marketing efforts and improve user experience taking a data-driven approach. Every successful online marketing specialist understands that he/she needs to recognise WHAT online initiatives bring (or doesn’t) the highest business value and WHY. First, Web Analytics allows you to Collect the right and most accurate data from your web assets (website or app). Second, it helps you to Analyse the efficiency of marketing channels and visitors’ user behaviour, so that you can take the right decisions by discovering opportunities and allocating areas that need immediate improvement. Knowing which channels carry the highest/lowest value and perceiving how visitors are using your web asset (revealing what they like or don’t) is essential to develop a strong online strategy. Third, based on the information you have analysed we Adapt your strategy, tactics and actions accordingly in an agile manner. Web Analytics is a cyclical method for successful business leadership.

How Web Analytics works

We have established a solid and well-proven model which aims to capture valuable and clean data, visualise it in an easily digestible manner, and support data-driven decision making. This allows you to take proper and aligned with business goals decisions.

The Process

  1. Measurement plan
    Achieve maximum effectiveness in Web Analytics we identify Key Business Goals (KBG) which then we translate into Key Digital Objectives (KDO) and map them to corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPI) (in some cases including quarterly or yearly targets) enabling us to measure the right performance.
  2. Data sources & workflow
    With a well-defined Measurement Plan in place we define what data sources will provide required information and what tools/processes will enable us to collect, analyse and visualise insights.
  3. Implementation plan
    Before establishing a Tagging Plan we map and determine how individual KPIs will be measured by specifying appropriate dimensions, metrics, filters, segments, events and goals.
  4. Tagging plan
    We create a technical documentation helping developers and data analysts to create technical tracking environment and configure analytics toolbox.
  5. Tracking & configuration
    Configure tools, perform data cleaning, set up flag alerts, implement tags and test data collection/retrieval.
  6. Dashboard design
    We build highly customised and comprehensive dashboards to visualise insights in a tangible way to different departments and stakeholders across the entire organisation.
  7. Handbook
    We craft a detailed Handbook which details metric definitions in order to be able to read, interpret and benefit from them.
  8. Governance & reporting
    When tracking implementation is finished, we continue supporting the clients with testing, studies, and training sessions. We also govern users’ access and provide documentation to third party partners.

What services do we deliver

SOME of our services include:

  • KPI workshops
  • Measurement plans
  • Analytical tagging
  • Analytics platform implementation & set-up
    Some of the tools we are using include: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Layer, Bing Webmaster Tool, etc.
  • Dashboard design & set-up
    Some of the tools we are using include: Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Klipfolio, Cyfe, Supermetrics, etc.)
  • Stakeholders educational workshops
  • And more…

*All of our services are carefully selected and customised based on our clients’ profiles. We strongly advise you to give us a call, so that we can consult and provide the most effective plan based on your business needs and goals.

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